PODS® Storage vs. BADGER BOX® Mobile Container

PODS® Storage vs. BADGER BOX® Mobile Container

Looking For A PODS® Mobile Container Or Other Mobile Storage To Store Your Items? Learn The Differences Between A PODS® Storage Unit & A Badger Box®  Storage Unit In The Greater Wilmington, NC & Shallotte, NC Areas.

We know you have options when it comes to your mobile storage container rental and invite you to compare us to our competition. We are extremely confident in the value service and quality of product we provide and are excited to have the opportunity to serve you. Here are some of the key features of the Badger Box® that set us apart.


Our containers are the highest quality available on the market. Our containers feature barn style swing doors. These are going to be easier to open and weather tight. Pods® containers feature roll up doors.

Badger Box ® containers are all steel. This includes our roofs. Roofs can be an area where others skimp to cut costs. Our containers feature heavy metal roofs. These roofs are installed with a thick layer of gasket that creates a reliable waterproof seal. Additionally, our roofs are coated with an anti-condensation coating to protect from humidity. The Badger Box ® roof is secured from the inside and will not leak. Pods® containers feature plastic roofs.

Delivery System

The delivery system we use at Badger Box®, like Pods ® will offer a gentle level lift and container placement. Unlike PODS® the Badger Box® delivery system can get into tight areas including placing the containers under carports clearance required is 9 ft wide and 9 ft tall. Pods® moving system will require clearance approximately 12 ft wide and 15 ft high.


Badger Box® features transparent pricing. We offer monthly rentals $179/ month for our 16’ container and $209/ month for our 20’ container. Contact Pods® to compare pricing we’re confident you will save money while supporting local.


Perhaps the biggest differentiator is going to be our service Badger Box® is a locally owned and operated business based in Wilmington NC. We are an independent business serving southeastern NC. When you call Badger Box® you will be connected with a local Wilmington employee who can help answer all of your storage questions. PODS® is a large corporation. When you call Pods® you will be speaking to someone at a call center.

PODS® is the registered trademark of PODS Enterprises INC.  Badger Box® is not sponsored or affiliated with PODS® in any way.