Portable Storage In Fayetteville & Cumberland County

What makes Badger Box stand out from the competition?

Our world-class staff backed by innovative moving container technology

Does the thought of renting a moving truck stress you out? Preparing for moving day and living in the daily packing mess is nobody’s idea of fun.

It’s time to change course and try a different strategy…

At Badger Box, we enjoy providing high quality, convenient portable storage units to Fayetteville homeowners & renters on their schedule and when it is convenient for them. This is the way moving should be. One phone call and our teams will deliver a portable mobile storage unit on your lot or driveway, that you can rent for as long as you’d like.

  • Need to move? Call us and we’ll pick it up and deliver it to your new address.
  • Need to store things off-site? Pack the box at your leisure, call us and we’ll store the box on our secured lot until you let us know where you want it delivered.

What Makes a Portable Storage Unit Rentals Better than a Traditional Storage Unit? Everything.

With the old way of moving, people had to rent a truck or a moving company that was paid hourly. Not only was this expensive because of the diesel gas and extra hidden fees, but you also had to spend the entire day driving around town, having giant trucks blocking traffic in your neighborhood. A rush to pack and move because the movers are paid hourly.

Now you can stop throwing away your time and money because Badger Box offers top-notch Fayetteville portable storage solutions and high-quality portable storage containers.

We will deliver the storage rental to your location, so you can fill your storage unit on your own schedule. Once it’s full, and well secured, we’ll send our experienced drivers to either take it to your new home, or store it at our facility. If you choose to store your items for a month or two, simply give us a call when it’s time to unload your items, and we’ll drop it off so you can unload it at your leisure. Then, we’ll haul away the empty container, so you can spend more time enjoying your new place instead of stressing out during rush hour traffic.

Fayetteville Portable Storage Rentals Offer Built-In Flexibility

The Best Reasons to Choose Badger Box for Your Portable Storage Rental

  • We use the highest quality steel containers, capable of holding up to 10,000 pounds of weight and can withstand winds of 120 miles per hour.
  • Not only are our Fayetteville portable storage units extremely durable, but they also have two vents for proper air flow and marine resistant wood flooring so you can pack with confidence.
  • Tying and securing your items will be a cinch, because we offer 20 different welded tie down rings at both the three foot and five-foot levels.
  • Our innovative Cardinal Mule moving system provides a gentle, level lift every time so you’ll know your items are always well cared for.
  • On top of that, we also offer $2,000 worth of complimentary insurance for all our clients.

Ideal for Ft. Bragg Military Personnel & Civilian Workforce

With all the deployments the military takes soldiers and accompanying civilian workforce, the logistical challenges of making all those moves with a family or loved ones is a true challenge. If your deployment is temporary or you do not want to pay rent on a home you aren’t going to be living in a while, portable mobile storage could be a perfect economical option to storing your property without paying for mortgage or rent.

Need A Quality Storage Unit in Fayetteville, NC or Cumberland County? Call Badger Box Today

Still on the search for a dependable storage unit in Wilmington, North Carolina or the surrounding area? Then call Badger Box. Our team of friendly professionals has what it takes to ensure your next move is a stress-free success. Contact our office for more information about our portable storage unit sizes. We can also help schedule the perfect time for your next drop off or pickup or you can also book a Badger Box conveniently online from our website.

  • This was hands-down the easiest moving experience! With 3 small children we needed an option that would allow us to stow at our own pace and without countless trips to a storage unit... and Badger Box delivered. The box was clean, secure and was delivered to the new house without a single item shifting in transit. Steven and Chris were both incredible to work with --- bottom line - we highly recommend!

  • Chris, Stephen and crew were absolutely amazing to work with! Wonderful with communication. They made my moving a million times easier without having to worry about my belongings until I got in to my new spot! Would highly recommend over and over again.

  • These guys are amazing. This was the perfect solution for my move! Chris, Steven and all the folks at Badger Box Wilmington went above and beyond to meet my moving needs! I used four pods and moved from a large historic home. The boxes were clean and the guys made sure they were level. Watching them deliver or pick up a box is fascinating. I hope I never move again, but if I do, I know who I will be calling! Thank you guys, you are lifesavers in more ways than one! ♥️

  • There is a reason people rate this business so high- because they really do show off the best qualities of local small business! The customer service is more like dealing with a friend and the transportation of the box was flawless! They have this very cool robotic box mover that was able to get our box in the perfect spot- plus it's just cool to watch! The box itself was perfect for our needs during our home reno. We had it for 5 months and everything inside stayed perfect, not even a trace of musty smell! I would absolutely refer them over any of the "big brand" storage companies. Go Badger Box you won't regret it!! 🙂

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