Moving to Wilmington, North Carolina – America’s Best Riverfront

Situated right alongside the coast and just 2 hours away from the state’s capital of Raleigh, Wilmington is the number one city in the country for relocation. Whether you’re an entrepreneur looking to be around like-minded thought leaders, an artist, filmmaker, history buff, surfer, or beach lover, there truly is something for just about everyone in Wilmington, North Carolina.

Ranked as one of America’s best riverfronts and one of Hollywood’s favorite cities to film movies and TV shows, Wilmington offers a unique blend of coastal charm, economic opportunity, creativity, and overall quality of living. With a population of approximately 122,162, Wilmington’s culture is a vibrant coastal community steeped in creative culture. Both families and young single professionals will appreciate this diverse community that offers so much to so many varying interests.

Let’s explore all that Wilmington, North Carolina has to offer!

Living in Wilmington, North Carolina

It’s sometimes hard to explain the lifestyle and vibe of living in Wilmington, North Carolina because the city offers such a wide array to so many. Wilmington offers a supportive environment for creatives and beach lovers of all kinds. If you’re looking for a place that’s drenched in history, creativity, city life, beach life, and community engagement, Wilmington is most certainly the home for you! Let’s talk about all the details of Wilmington, North Carolina!

The Weather of Wilmington

If you’re planning to move to Wilmington, then you better make sure to bring your rain jacket, rain boots, and an umbrella. Since Wilmington is by the ocean, we’re often bearing the brunt of coastal storms throughout the year. Summers here are quite humid too, so it’s normal for there to be sunshine one minute, and pouring rain the next.
Here’s what to expect each season:

  • Spring weather stays around the 60s to low 70s, but it’s not uncommon for the weather to drop to 50 or even bounce up to the 80s for a day or two during this time of year. Pollen is extremely heavy during the spring in Wilmington, so you can expect a nice yellow dusting all over your car and lawn furniture.
  • Summer weather is quickly going to hit the 80s and upper 90s, with humidity staying thick and stuffy for most of the summer. You can expect a lot of rain showers and thunderstorms, but they typically last for very short periods. The Atlantic hurricane season extends from June 1 through November 30.
  • Fall is quite colorful and cools down to the mid-50s and 60s, but it’s not uncommon to have random warmer days throughout fall. Wilmington weather can be very sporadic.
  • Winter is not going to be a snowy wonderland during this time of year. We rarely ever see so much as a snowflake around here. Temperatures usually reach the low 40s to 50s, and you’ll continue to see a lot of rain. Every few years, you may see a light dusting of snowflakes, but they will melt within a few hours of touching the ground in most cases.
What’s the Cost of Living in Wilmington, North Carolina?

The cost of living in Wilmington is around 4 percent more affordable than the US average, according to Wilmington’s housing expenses are 19% lower than the national average and the utility prices are 1% higher than the national average. Transportation expenses like bus fares and gas prices are 3% higher than the national average.

  • The median home price is $280,723
  • The median rent is around $900 / month
  • A loaf of bread is $3.43
  • A gallon of milk is $2.00
What’s the Job Market in Wilmington?

The job market in Wilmington is steadily growing, with a promising future for many different types of careers. The largest industries in Wilmington are healthcare, tourism, technology, and business.

Some of the top employers in Wilmington include:

  • Novant Health
  • Thermo Fisher Scientific
  • nCino
  • The University of North Carolina at Wilmington
  • Alcami
  • Live Oak Bank
  • Cape Fear Public Utility Authority

The economic outlook of the city is strong, with it being named one of the nation’s strongest entrepreneurial cities. Many highly successful startup companies have started right here in Wilmington, and PBS recently covered the stories of several of them in a new show called Start Up.
You can watch the entire episode here:

Is Wilmington, North Carolina Safe?

Wilmington is considered to be a very safe city to live in. The crime rate here is much lower than average for both violent and property crimes when compared to other US cities. You can feel confident walking around at night or leaving your car unlocked and not have to worry about becoming a victim of crime.

How Are Schools in Wilmington?

Wilmington has a total of 171 schools, with 127 of those being private and 6 being public charter schools, according to Some of the top-rated schools in Wilmington include:

  • Elementary: Heyward C Bellamy Elementary and Walter L Parsley Elementary
  • Middle: Charles P Murray Middle and Island Montessori Charter
  • High School: Isaac M Bear High and John T Hoggard High

Things to Do in Wilmington, NC

One of the best qualities about Wilmington is the variety of activities there are to do! From outdoor recreation to dining to a day at the beach, there’s something for everyone!

Outdoor Recreation

As a beach town, Wilmington most certainly has a lot of outdoor activities to enjoy. Even if you’re mostly an indoor type, we’re certain you won’t want to pass up some of these outdoor activities. Here’s a list of some of the most popular outdoor recreation activities in Wilmington:

  • Kayaking: There are so many beautiful places to kayak in and around Wilmington. You can visit Greenfield Lake, Wrightsville Beach, or Masonboro Island just to name a few! There are several tour companies in town that do kayak rentals or guided kayak tours.
  • Sunbathe or surf: This might be a given, but we had to mention this! Don’t forget to hang out at the beach in or around Wilmington. Wrightsville Beach is the closest to Wilmington, and there are plenty of public access points with nearby parking. We recommend going early or toward the evening hours. The middle of the day tends to be the most packed, and much harder to find parking.
  • Disc golf or golf: Wilmington is home to golf courses and disc golf courses, which are a great way to relax and have fun with friends. You’ll find disc golf courses adjacent to local breweries, so you can enjoy a cold one while you play. The local Magnolia Greens golf course is one of the best places to golf in the state!
  • Fishing charter: If you’re a deep-sea fishing enthusiast, Wilmington’s coast offers great opportunities to catch some big ones! Whether you rent a boat or book a local fishing charter, you won’t come home empty-handed!
  • Mini golf and water park: If you enjoy mini-golf or water parks, you’ll find just that on Oleander Drive. Jungle Rapids is an affordable and quite large water park with water slides, a tubing pool, mini-golf, and an arcade all in one place!
  • Outdoor Concerts: Wilmington has two outdoor amphitheaters–Greenfield Lake Amphitheater and Live Oak Bank Pavilion at Riverfront Park in Downtown Wilmington. If you’re the outdoor summer concert type, then you’ll love checking out some shows at either of these two amphitheaters.
How’s the Art Scene?

Wilmington’s art scene contains everything from museum exhibitions and live music, to historic architecture and art studios. Not only that but Hollywood and independent filmmakers alike have made Wilmington one of the hottest places to shoot movies and TV shows! Here’s a list of artistic activities to do in Wilmington.

  • Catch a live concert and a local venue
  • Watch a live play at a local theater such as Thalian Hall or the Wilson Center
  • Go paint a canvas at one of the many guided canvas painting studios
  • Learn pottery
  • Check out a local farmers market to buy local art
  • Attend an open mic night for poetry readings
How’s the Food and Drinks?

Wilmington truly is a foodie’s dream come true! There are tons of local places to eat no matter what flavor you’re looking for. From Greek to Peruvian to Mexican to Seafood to Italian, Wilmington has it all! Not only are there great local restaurants to try out, but there is a large and successful food truck scene too. It’s not uncommon to see popular food trucks make their rounds at the local breweries each night.

Speaking of breweries, you really can’t go wrong if you’re a beer lover in Wilmington. There are local breweries all over the place, and they continue to pop up. Some popular breweries include Mad Mole, Wrightsville Beach Brewery, Flytrap Brewing, Waterline Brewing, and Wilmington Brewing Company. If a hard mixed drink is more your style, End of Days Distillery is an extremely popular distillery that provides premium mixed cocktails downtown!

Moving to Wilmington, NC

Deciding on whether or not to move to Wilmington, North Carolina is the easy part! It’s getting all of your belongings moved that’s the hard part. If you’re looking to move to Wilmington, but are having trouble storing your belongings while you get moved into an apartment or a new home, there are some great options available in town.

Badger Box Storage is Wilmington’s homegrown business that provides mobile storage units for just these types of situations. Rather than moving your belongings into a traditional storage unit only to end up moving them again, we can store everything in a mobile unit. This mobile storage container can stay at the property of your choice, or we can keep it at our facility until you’re ready to move into your permanent home.

Once you’re ready to move your belongings into your new apartment or home, a team member from Badger Box Storage will deliver your container to your new place. From there, you can unpack your boxes at your leisure, without feeling like you have to rush to do it all in one day.

If you’re moving to Wilmington, North Carolina, and need to store your belongings in a mobile storage container, just contact us! We’re here to help!

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