Save Time and Money On Your Local Move With A Badger Box Mobile Storage Container

Moving can be exciting, but it can also be costly, time-consuming and stressful. Let Badger Box take the stress out of your move and help you keep more money in your pocket with a mobile storage container rental.

Sometimes a move will require interim storage. If you were to choose a traditional brick and mortar storage solution or and all in one moving and storage option, you could find yourself moving your belongings much more frequently than necessary and paying too much.

Let’s look at an example to see just how much you can save with a Badger Box mobile storage container.


You are moving within 25 miles of Wilmington, NC and require 1 month of storage.

With a traditional storage unit or a moving company that offers storage.  Your belongings will need to be moved 4 times

  1. From your home to the truck
  2. From the truck to storage unit or warehouse
  3. From the warehouse or storage unit back into a truck
  4. From the truck into your new home

Each time your belongings are moved there is risk of loss and damage. Not to mention the many hours required.

Let’s say you hired a moving and storage company to handle all of this for you.

How long do you think it would take to load your belongings? To be conservative let’s say it takes just 3 hours each time you need to move all of your furniture. On top of physical moving time, in most cases, you will also be charged drive time to get the movers to you and to move your belongings across town.

Let’s say you are just charged for 1 hour of drive time each move. In total there are 4 billable hours per move x 4 moves = 16 total labor hours. At an estimated market rate for two movers of $150 an hour and 16 hours of labor, the total cost would be approximately $2,400. This also does not include storage costs. Let’s say storage costs $150/ month for 1 month of storage. The total cost of your move with a traditional moving and storage solution would be $2,550.

With a Badger Box mobile storage container, there are only 2 moves involved. This vastly decreases your chances of breakage during the move and saves you time and money if hiring movers.

The moves involved are:

  1. From your home into your Badger Box mobile storage container
  2. From your Badger Box mobile storage container into your new home

Badger Box handles all of the driving for our low flat rates. We will load your portable storage container level onto the Badger Box truck. We can deliver your mobile storage container direct to your new residence or bring it back to our site for interim storage needs. We will keep things safe and redeliver to your new residence when you need us to.

Let’s say you hire movers to help with load your Badger Box mobile storage unit. Just like the scenario before you never have to move your own belongings.

It takes the same 3 hours of labor to move your belongings and you get charged the same hour of drive time by the moving company. You would be looking at 8 billable labor hours at $150 an hour. Total mover cost of $1,200.

Your 16’ Badger Box 1-month rental of $179/ month

  • Empty mobile storage unit delivery: $65
  • Loaded mobile storage unit move to Badger Box for storage: $85
  • Loaded mobile storage unit move to new home from Badger Box lot: $85
  • Empty mobile storage unit pickup: $65
  • Total Badger Box cost = $479

By combining Badger Box + Movers, You Save!

The total cost of a Badger Box mobile storage container with 1 month of storage at the Badger Box site while having movers take care of all the heavy lifting is $1,679.

The estimated savings using a combination of Badger Box and movers for your moving and storage needs is $2,550 (full service movers) – $1,679 (Movers + Badger Box)= $871 😊. Just think of what you could do with that savings.

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