Tips For Packing Your Storage Unit Or Mobile Storage Container

Badger Box is the perfect solution for your moving and storage needs.  With the delivery of our portable storage units straight to your home and ground level loading, moving has never been easier. Pack at your own pace at a time that is convenient for you with our cost-effective monthly rentals. We can move your Badger Box directly to your new residence or bring it back to our site for secure storage for as long as you need. There is no additional cost to store at the Badger Box site other than the two additional moves required (loaded move to the lot and loaded move to a new home). If you need assistance packing your Badger Box we can provide great local recommendations to make things easier. For packing on your own, here are some helpful tips for ensuring a smooth and stress-free move:

Recommended Supplies




Stretch Wrap

Bubble Wrap

Mattress Cover

Moving Blankets

Rope or Tie Down Straps

Disk Lock

Tips for Packing

Utilizing boxes will help protect your belongings and make it easier to pack your unit by using uniform shape containers. Wrap breakable items with bubble wrap and utilize packing paper if needed. Fill boxes completely to avoid shifting. Be sure to label your boxes so you can easily determine where things need to go when unloading.

Boxes should be packed in the unit with the heaviest boxes on the bottom and lightest on top.

Utilize all space within the unit the tighter things are packed the less chance of any shifting occurring while in transit.

If things are unable to be packed snug in the unit utilize the tie-down hooks located throughout the unit to secure belongings. Utilize rope or tie-down straps for this.

Place large heavy furniture items or appliances in the storage unit first to form a base. Where possible evenly distribute the weight throughout the storage unit. This will make things easier on the Badger Box delivery specialists to load and unload your portable storage unit safely from the truck.

Tips for Protection

Where possible disassemble furniture before loading. This will make things lighter for moving as well as help to prevent any damage in transit. Be sure to keep track of any disassembled pieces and hardware.

Be sure to remove light bulbs and lampshades from lamps and pack separately to protect during transit.

Bubble wrap, cardboard, and moving blankets should be utilized on glass items such as mirrors and pictures for protection. Utilizing stretch wrap or tape can help keep these protective items in place.

Use moving blankets and tape to protect door frames and banisters in your home.

Wrap wood furniture with moving blankets and stretch wrap.

Use mattress covers for your mattresses.

Utilize a disk lock to secure your portable storage unit. We offer these for sale and can bring with us on delivery!

Whether you are in the Wilmington area like Wrightsville Beach, Carolina Beach, Kure Beach, Ogden, Hampstead or even Oak Island or further, we have great local recommendations that can help you with your mobile storage unit packing needs to make things easier!

Contact Badger Box Mobile Storage to learn how we might be able to help you with your moving or self storage needs!

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