Using Badger Box to Move Students

If your college student has made it home for the summer, have you decided what you will do with their dorm dump? Doubtless, you are learning first-hand about “clutter creep” as your fine, young academics come home to roost. So just how to you keep your garage from turning into an area of interest for “American Pickers”? Glad you asked.

If you have a son or daughter who will be going back to school in the fall, you’ll need to know whether or not they will live in the dorm or off-campus. If you see that they are going to be sticking with dorm life, your easiest solution is to get a Badger Box Mobile storage unit and rest easy. You can store all of their essentials until it’s time to go back. And what about all the stuff they left lying around the house? There’s plenty of room for that too.

For students that live off-campus, Badger Box is even better. Your apartment-dwelling college student is going to accumulate even more stuff than if they were in a dorm room. A whole lot more in fact. A good practice is to make a culling pass over their treasures so you make sure to just store what will be of use come fall. This is a teachable moment for everybody so take the time and learn how to nip clutter creep in the bud. Work to subdivide the container into areas of kinds of things. It’s never too early to improve our organization and grouping kinds of things will only help when it comes time to move back.

If your student is graduating, our mobile storage is perfect for keeping belongings until jobs and new living arrangements are secured. Again, this is a time when we think about out with the old and in with the new. For all of the old that we just can’t part with, Badger Box is there to keep your things safe and sound.

One of the biggest lessons we get in life is how to manage belongings. Keeping stuff organized can be a challenge to stay ahead of so it’s a good idea to utilize all of the resources at your disposal. If you require extra space to keep up with your organization needs, make sure you keep Badger Box in mind. Our adaptable storage solutions may be just what you need.

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