Managing Business Inventory with Badger Box Mobile Storage

With the rising cost of commercial spaces, small businesses, especially the newly established ones, lack the space to keep important inventory, spare hardware, and supplies. With the necessary space to store these items, it becomes difficult for businesses to carry out their daily operations smoothly. If you face the same predicament, you need to consider … Read more

The Best Ways to Pack a Mobile Storage Unit

Mobile Storage Units are a perfect way of storing fragile and valuable personal belongings for a few weeks, months, or years while you are away from home. They are handy to families planning to travel out of the country for a while. Instead of loading your belongings to a truck when transporting them to a … Read more

Storage Strategies for Families Moving Abroad

Whether you plan to travel abroad for a few weeks, months, or years, you have to think about your belongings’ safety while you are away. You could consider leaving your possessions in your rented house and continue paying rent for the time you will be away or move them to an international moving storage facility … Read more